10 Famous Celebrities Who Overcame Mental Health Struggles

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Tiffany Douglas

Updated Apr 28, 2021

Mental illness impacts millions of people each day. One in five individuals has a mental health condition. It is not exclusive to any person. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Many celebrities are vocal about their mental health issues. Here are ten famous people who talk about living with mental illness.

10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Faced Mental Health Struggles

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1. Demi Lovato - Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato has become a poster child of sorts for bipolar disorder. Back in 2011, she was diagnosed with the condition. Lovato also struggled with substance-abuse and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in rehab. After some erratic behavior and aggressive tendencies, she found out why she was acting this way. Recently, she came out as stating that she feels she was misdiagnosed. Nonetheless, she was clearly struggling with a mental health condition. It's possible that she still has bipolar disorder, but she is in search of a second opinion. Still, Lovato keeps advocating for people to get help with mental illness. She knows the stigma is real, and individuals need to seek help.

2. Kristen Bell - Anxiety

Kristen Bell is open about living with anxiety and depression. She is vocal in many different mental health awareness campaigns. Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard received an award from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). She is transparent about taking medication for anxiety and depression. That is a beautiful thing for our society because many people are afraid to try medicine for their mental illness. In reality, it can help those with various conditions. Kristen Bell also talks about going to couples counseling with her husband, which can help inspire people and relationships to seek mental health care. Bell is a champion for mental health advocacy.

3. Mariah Carey - Bipolar Disorder

In 2001 Mariah Carey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II. Her diagnosis happened after a breakdown and hospitalization. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Many people do not receive an accurate diagnosis until they are in a crisis state. That was the case for Carey. In 2018, Carey opened up to People magazine about her struggles. She admitted she had difficulty accepting her bipolar diagnosis, but after that, she was able to get help. She sought treatment from a therapist and started taking medication prescribed by a psychiatrist. Today, Mariah Carey lives a healthy balanced life. It is possible to have bipolar disorder and maintain wellness. 

4. Michael Phelps - ADHD

Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, was diagnosed with ADHD at age 9. Thankfully, he had a tenacious mother who did not give up on him. Debbie, his mom, was a schoolteacher. Because of her background in teaching middle school, she knew some techniques to help Michael. When the teachers told her that her son couldn’t do certain things, she asked what they were doing to help him. Debbie helped Michael learn focusing exercises. Michael took stimulant medication for years and eventually learned techniques to support himself and his ADHD. It took a long time for him to get his condition to a point where he could manage it, but he got there. After that, he was able to achieve brilliant success as an Olympic athlete. 

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5. Russell Brand - Bipolar disorder, bulimia, and substance abuse

Russell Brand is a British comedian known for his dry humor. He’s also vocal about living with bipolar disorder. Brand was diagnosed with a severe depressive disorder at age 11. From there, he struggled with many different mental health conditions. Brand openly talks about once having issues with substance abuse, including using heroin and crack cocaine. He grew up in an abusive household. He also discusses his struggle with bipolar disorder. Additionally, Brand suffered from bulimia. It goes to show you that anybody can have a mental health condition. You can be extremely talented and struggle hard with these issues.

6. Adam Levine - ADHD

Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5, struggles with ADHD. At first, he thought he would outgrow it. He had difficulty managing his schoolwork and getting it done. However, the troubles followed him into adulthood. He saw how his lack of focus and ADHD symptoms were impacting his music career. Since that realization, he has talked openly about living with the condition and wrote an article for ADDitude magazine. Celebrities like Levine can inspire young kids to take their mental health seriously.

7. Jameela Jamil - Eating disorder

Jameela Jamil, known for her role on The Good Place on NBC, is a known mental health activist. She has struggled with anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. She talks about starving herself for three years and not eating one single full meal. Due to her eating disorder, she did not have her period for years. She is not shy about discussing these issues on social media. Actresses like Jamil are heroes. They help young women gain confidence and accept their bodies.

8. Taylor Swift - Eating disorder

In the past, Taylor Swift has struggled with an eating disorder. The media has been cruel to her, remarking how she looks pregnant because of her belly when she was only 18. Swift struggled with restrictive eating. The pressure of the music industry was overwhelming. She was pushed to look a certain way and felt the need to starve her body to fit into fashionable clothes. Now, she attributes activists like Jamela Jamil for her vocal stance on mental health. Even the most famous and popular people can still struggle with mental health issues.

9. Jim Carrey - Depression

Jim Carrey is open about his struggle with depression. The hilarious comedian has talked about his depression on viral videos. He has inspired other celebrities to come out and talk about their issues with mental health. These days he relies on his spirituality to help him with mental health issues. He speaks openly about his struggles. Carrey revealed how exhausting it is to pretend to be happy. He said that depression is a break from playing that “character.” His quote inspired singer Ariana Grande to talk about her depression.

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10. Ariana Grande - Depression

Ariana Grande admitted to struggling with depression on her social media platforms. She cited Jim Carrey‘s quote about pretending to be somebody that you’re not and how exhausting that feels. She opened up about her struggles and gave a shout-out to Jim Carrey. When she saw Carrey’s words about depression, she was able to talk about her own issues. It shows you that the more open we are about living with mental health issues, the more people will come out and speak their own truth.

Getting help for mental illness

Just like anybody else, celebrities can struggle with mental illness. No matter who you are, you are not immune to mental health issues. Each person has their own struggles. It’s crucial to get help if you are hurting. You can see a therapist online with a company like BetterHelp or find one in your local area. But don’t be afraid to reach out for the help that you need. You do not have to struggle with mental illness alone. If BetterHelp interests you, you can learn more in our BetterHelp online therapy review.

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