The Bouqs Company Review - Best Flower Subscription Service?

Samantha Carey

Updated Feb 25, 2020

The Bouqs Company is an online flower store where customers can order flowers for loved ones or sign up for a regular flower delivery subscription. There is nothing quite as romantic as receiving a beautiful, fragrant, bouquet of fresh flowers. The simple act of giving flowers is something that The Bouqs Company values and wants to uphold as they strive to create genuine moments of connection. 

What is it about The Bouqs Company that sets them apart from other flower stores and companies? Sit back, smell the roses, and keep reading this review of The Bouqs Company to learn more about this flower company.

Review of The Bouqs Company

What Sets The Bouqs Company Flowers Apart

The Bouqs Company sells a variety of beautiful farm-fresh flower bouquets and arrangements that can be themed for specific occasions and fit the personality of whoever you buy them for. Something that sets The Bouqs online flowers apart from many other companies is their focus on farm-direct sourcing. Some flower bouquets ordered online from The Bouqs have been put together and delivered by local farmers. From the farm to you - this is a win-win in our book! In other cases, bouquets are sent directly from highly skilled artisan florists.

Another feature of The Bouqs Company is their subscription service. This service comes with a bunch of perks for the subscriber such as 20% off, free shipping, and special collections that are only available to subscribers. All you have to do pick your bouquet and customize your plan. The farm or artisan florist will then prepare and ship your flowers, depending on the length and details of your flower subscription. The subscription varies in cost from $36 to $60 depending on the size of your arrangement. You can choose to receive flower deliveries weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly. 

The Bouqs Company vs. Competitors

Outside the competition of your local florist, Bouqs has plenty of competitors in the online flower industry. Check out this comparison between The Bouqs Company and one of their online competitors, Teleflora.

Bouqs Showstopper Bouquet - $59-$89

This bouquet from The Bouqs Company is a perfect arrangement for a birthday girl or guy. This floral arrangement features pink roses and succulent mixed stems. It comes in three different sizes ranging from 12-36 stems. The bouquet has beautiful succulents within them that are replantable and which you can enjoy for days to come. You can have this The Bouqs Company flower bouquet delivered the same day you order it. This is a feature for all The Bouqs Company bouquets!

Teleflora's Desert Sunrise Bouquet - $49-$69

Teleflora has a similar flower arrangement as the above from Bouqs. This arrangement features lilies, roses, and succulents. These flowers also comes in three different sizes, but their website does not specify the number of stems included in each. The bouquet also comes in a beautiful bamboo cube vase.

Both bouquets feature beautiful succulents, roses and dainty accent flowers. The Teleflora arrangement is a bit cheaper than The Bouqs Company's arrangement, but the bouquet from The Bouqs Company has the perk of the replantable succulents included.

The Bouqs Company FAQs

1. What types of flowers does The Bouqs carry?

The Bouqs Company carries a plethora of flower options including callas, freesia, hydrangeas, lilies, mixed peonies, orchids, ranunculus, roses, succulents, sunflowers and tropical tulips.

2. What occasions does have The Bouqs Company have themed flower arrangements for?

Bouqs has bouquets themed for the following: anniversary, birthday, congrats, elopement, get well, I'm sorry, just because, new baby, sympathy, and thank you.

3. How do I care for my Bouqs flower arrangement?

It is recommended to keep the Bouqs flower delivery in its plastic wrapping for a day (in water) after receiving it to help increase the flower's lifespan. Other than that, Bouqs has specific care instructions for each flower they carry on their Flower Care webpage. 

The Bouqs Company Pros and Cons


  • Arrangements for every occasion
  • Support of local farmers and artisans
  • Eclectic arrangements
  • Same-day shipping


  • More expensive than some of their competitors

Overall The Bouqs Company Review - 4.7/5

The Bouqs Company has made the act of buying flowers for a loved one extremely simple and immensely special. Their support of local farmers and artisans benefits everyone involved. Bouqs same-day shipping makes it simple to get the perfect bouquet exactly when you need it. Overall, The Bouqs Company is excelling in their pursuit to bring back the regularity and deep meaning behind giving flowers.

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