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Updated Jun 24, 2022

You've heard of Bose and Beats by Dre and Apple's AirPods. But have you heard of Raycon? Raycon is a premium audio brand that offers high-tech luxury audio at normal-people prices. Raycon is disrupting the market. They're giving consumers a voice when it comes to sound. Flawless quality and comfort that doesn't cost a hand and a foot. They're on a mission to change the audio game "two ears at a time".

We'll cover common FAQ's that readers have about the brand and go over their popular product, Raycon Everyday Earbuds, in more detail. This includes how the Raycon Everyday Earbuds compare to Apple AirPods Pro.

Are Raycons actually any good?

Raycons are extremely high quality with quality that rivals Apple. Additionally, a number of celebrities and music lovers love Raycon and prefer it to other brands. Quavo, Cardi B, JR Smith, Drake, Shiggy, and Rich The Kid all sport Raycons.

Are Raycons just as good as AirPods?

Overall, Raycon Everyday Earbuds are just as good as AirPods. Quality-wise, Raycons are on par.

Here are some key comparisons of Raycon Everyday Earbuds to Apple AirPods

  • Similar audio quality - the difference is almost indistinguishable but Raycon has better bass - the lower notes sound much richer and fuller.
  • While AirPods can only be connected to Apple devices, Raycon e25 earbuds are universally compatible via Bluetooth. This means Raycon earbuds can be connected to Windows, Android, or iOS devices -- including your television.
  • Raycons have better battery life than AirPods. Raycon e25 ear buds have a playtime of 6 to 24 hours with the charging case., whereas AirPods have a playtime of 5 to 24 hours with the charging case.
  • The Raycon charging case has much better battery life. The charging case provides up to 40 hours of battery life, and the case can be charged with a cable or by using the Qi mat.
  • AirPods Pro earbuds have active noise cancellation. Raycon ear buds do not have this feature. AirPod Pro earbuds may be a better choice for the office or places where you want to block out ambient background noise.
  • Raycon Everyday Earbuds and Apple AirPods both enable you to take phone calls and have many touch functions to let you play or pause music, answer calls, or open your messages with just one text.The touch function on AirPods is a little bit easier than on Raycon - just a touch.
  • Raycon e25 earbuds and AirPods Pro are water and sweat resistant. Raycon e25 is rated IPX4 and AirPod Pro earbuds are rated IPX4. Neither of them are designed to be worn in the shower during water games or water exercises.

Are Raycons good for your ears?

Raycons boast similar quality to Apple but at a more down-to-earth price. They're a fav among mere mortals on a budget and music makers and influencers.

In terms of ear fit, Raycon earbuds have a number of stabilizers that help them mold to your ear and stay put. This includes foam ear tips that help them confirm to your ear canal.

As long as you don't turn the sound up too loud (which can be damaging to ear drums for earbuds of any brand), they are a safe and comfortable way to listen to music and audio books.

Are Raycon performers noise cancelling?

Raycon The Work Earbuds do offer noise-cancellation technology, but other Raycon earbuds (like the E55 Truly Wireless Earbuds) do not offer any noise-filtering technology.

Can you swim with Raycon earbuds?

No, you cannot swim with Raycon earbuds. All Raycons are water resistant and the Everyday Earbuds and Work Earbuds models are specifically graded to protect against weather, safe, and poolside, but they not should not be worn in pools or showers.

Can you talk on the phone with Raycon?

Yes, you can talk on the phone easily with Raycon. Raycon earbuds have a built-in microphone. It will not be a perfect natural replication of your voice, but it is a convenient, easy alternative to your phone.

Is Raycon a Black owned company?

Yes, Raycon is a Black owned company. Ray J - rapper, actor, reality TV star, and entrepreneur - founded RAYCON nearly 6 years ago. Ray J's goal was to disrupt thee billion-dollar audio market and offer consumers more choice. Says Ray J, "We wanted to stand out with products that were not only high-demand but high-quality. And for us, paying $150 or $250 for a pair of AirPods was out of the questions. It's too much much money. No disrespect to Apple - they're the big dogs. But it's important for people to buy stuff they can afford...for all people of all kinds."

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