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Updated Dec 23, 2020

There are countless handbags for shoppers to choose from on the market today. To distinguish themselves from the competition, many designers are attempting to create bags that stand out from a fashion standpoint. However, this has created a scenario where too few bag-making companies are concerned about functionality.

Hammitt is one company that hasn’t fallen into this cycle. Since its creation, the company has placed an emphasis on functionality and quality above all else. This makes Hammitt somewhat unique in today’s fashion marketplace.

With that in mind, keep reading to learn more about Hammitt and to see our overall review for Hammitt.

Hammitt Review

What Sets Hammitt Apart?

The biggest thing separating Hammitt from other bag brands is its commitment to functionality. They don’t release products just for the sake of creating something that looks interesting. Instead, Hammitt only focuses on the fashion aspect of their products after they’ve ensured that the backpack, clutch, or purse is going to meet the needs of the owner.

That’s not to say that the company’s products are lacking in aesthetic quality. On the contrary, many of Hammitt’s designs have elegant features like their signature red suede lining and stylish rivets. Each of the manufacturer’s products is also made out of real leather so you know that the Hammitt product you purchase will last forever.

Hammitt also makes shopping for a handbag online incredibly easy. They do so by integrating several cutting-edge features into the buying process.

First, Hammitt allows you to customize many of the bags and clutches that it sells. Before you check out, you can change a product’s color, choose between several metallic foils, and decide which type of embossed detailing is right for your look. This gives the fashion-forward even more control over how Hammitt products fit into their wardrobe.

Another cool feature is Hammitt’s easy online style sessions. You can sign up to have a virtual meeting with one of the company’s in-house personal stylists. They’ll answer all of your questions, evaluate your style, and then help you find the ideal bag for your daily life. This feature can be especially helpful when shopping for a gift for another person.

Hammitt offers consumers a unique blend of quality and fashion that can be difficult to find in the modern handbag industry. With its easy and customizable online shopping process, the company is one that bag lovers should absolutely be taking seriously.

Hammitt Company Info

Hammitt was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2008. From its earliest days, the company has been committed to designing a fresh, functional take on the modern handbag. After more than a decade in the industry, Hammitt has carved out a niche for itself as a purveyor of a wide variety of high-quality leather bags.

In fact, you can find just about any type of bag that you might want in Hammitt’s online shop. For example, the company sells at least several different types of:

  • Clutches

  • Cross-body bags

  • Evening bags

  • Backpacks

  • Totes

  • Satchels

They also sell various types of accessories, including headbands and scrunchies.

It can sometimes be difficult to buy a handbag directly from a manufacturer’s online store. However, Hammitt has simplified this process, too. One aspect of this is its flexible shipping and return policies. If you order a product from them, you’ll have as long as 30 days to send it back for a full refund.

Shipping is also a breeze. Hammitt covers the costs of standard shipping in the United States on all of its products. If you need your bag faster than that for an upcoming night out, you can pay a little extra to have it shipped to you via either 2-day or next-day air.

Perhaps most importantly, all Hammitt products include a lifetime guarantee. This speaks to how confident the company is in the quality of its designs. If you have a problem with your zipper, rivets, D-Rings, or another functional component of your bag, Hammitt will repair it for you free of charge.

Hammitt FAQs

Does Hammitt accept returns?

Yes, you can return a product that you’ve purchased from Hammitt up to 30 days after the date of sale.

Can I exchange a Hammitt bag for a new one if I don’t like it?

You can almost always exchange Hammitt products for new ones within 30 days of purchase. The only scenario in which you can’t do this is if you bought the bag while it was on sale.

How long do orders from Hammitt take to arrive?

If you utilize the company’s standard shipping service, you’ll receive your bag within 5-7 business days via FedEx. If you need it sooner than that, you can pay $24.95 for 2-day air shipping or $49.95 for next-day air shipping.

Does Hammitt’s lifetime guarantee apply to all of its products?

Every bag sold by Hammitt includes a lifetime guarantee. However, the lifetime guarantee only covers specific parts of the bag, such as its zippers, rivets, D-Rings, and strap claps.

How do I clean my Hammitt bag?

They recommend that you use a leather cleaner to take care of your bag. The best options are the leather cleaner from the Hammitt store and Cadillac’s leather cleaner.

Hammitt Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime guarantee on all bags
  • Free shipping within the US
  • Very wide selection of stylish options
  • Options for personalization
  • Highly-functional designs


  • Expensive
  • No option for direct shipping to countries other than the US
  • Lifetime guarantee doesn't cover the leather material

Overall Hammitt Review - 4.3/5

If you’re in the market for a new leather bag, then Hammitt is a company that you should seriously consider buying from. With its wide selection and options for personalization, Hammitt truly has a product to fit every fashion preference and need. Their designs also stand out due to their focus on quality and functionality above all else. However, bags from Hammitt are relatively expensive.

Purchasing from Hammitt is also a low-risk proposition. They make it very easy to return or exchange products that you don’t like and offer a lifetime guarantee that covers many components of the bags they sell. These factors add up to make Hammitt a handbag brand that’s getting more and more difficult to ignore.

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