Good Morning Snore Solution Review: Does it Really Work?

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Wes R. Kasik

Updated Mar 04, 2019

The physical act of sawing logs is sometimes covered as an outdoor spectacle sport, undertaken at televised competitions where outlandish beards and blades are commonplace. The slang meaning for the term, however, is much less celebrated. Sawing logs, or snoring, negatively affects families all over the world. It’s a topic often overlooked in everyday conversation and media, silently, or not, having a real impact on the quality of life of millions of people.

Through advancements in analytic technology and the work of thoughtful inventors, good alternatives to CPAP and surgery are now available to those who snore. Good Morning Snore Solution is one of these. A mid-level treatment, Snore Solution is a mindful little mouthpiece that aids in the ongoing health of users. Here is a research-based review on the effectiveness of Good Morning Snore Solution.

What is Snore Solution

Snore Solution is a simple but intelligently designed anti-snoring oral insert. Mouthpieces are common in this field due to their ease of use and over-the-counter accessibility. This particular model is categorized as a TSD, or, tongue stabilizing device. As such, it treats a specific cause of snoring, namely, tongue placement issues. It does so by lightly clamping onto and holding the tongue toward the front of the mouth during sleep. This keeps it from falling back into the airway, causing blockage and resulting audible tissue reverberations.

Unlike most mouthpieces, the Snore Solution does not fit between the teeth, and instead rests comfortably outside of them. To use it, you’d squeeze the receiving tip, creating a light suction effect, and insert your tongue, gently locking it in place by releasing the tip. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem, and thus, an incredibly useful treatment for snorers with mild to moderate symptoms.

It’s made of soft dental-grade plastic resin, BPA and BHA free. Designed for any and all snoring people, the material becomes more pliable and naturally molded to the mouth of the wearer over time without the need for customization or molding.

Invented in Canada and made in the USA, Good Morning Snore Solution enjoys positive reviews and recommendations in the comment section of their website and those of other retailers. They are built on a foundation of science and data with the combined expertise of a sleep researcher dentist and an inventive doctor. Their mission is to enhance the sleep of millions of Americans who snore. Just as the brand’s full name implies, mornings are made better, for everyone in the family, with a good night of rest.

Know Before You Buy

As described, the function of the insert is quite simple. Even better, it comes in only one size for adults and does not require any additional molding or cutting. With Snore Solution, there’s no need to boil and bite down on molten rubber. This is another major positive differentiator from most mouthpiece products. A second size is available, sold as an option for early-symptom young adults or teens. One could assume this smaller set could be utilized by petite men and women, as well.

Effectively handling this ailment can be complicated. Without a conclusive medical opinion, treating it can be a try-and-see process. Luckily Good Morning Snore Solution can be returned in 30 days, paying only shipping costs, if you find it ineffective in treating your symptoms.

Both size variations feature a normal price point of $104.94, although they’re listed on sale at $69.94 at the time of this writing. A Snore Solution multi pack, including one of each size, regularly priced at $144.94, is currently on sale at $99.94.

Shoppers returning for replacement inserts can save by selecting from two-packs of both sizes. Two adult-sized Snore Solution mouthpieces are normally listed at $144.94. That offering is now on sale for $99.94. The same pricing scale is applied to Young Adult twin packs at this time. Both discounts represent a $30 savings from purchasing individually.

Orders destined for the United States typically require 3 to 5 days for delivery, likewise for Canada, Australia, and the UK. Customers in other parts of Europe and Asia may experience shipping waits from 5 to 15 days.

Proper Use
There’s no need for a prescription to use Snore Solution. Although, if you think your symptoms are even remotely serious, we’d recommend consulting with a doctor. Their professional medical opinion is incredibly useful in steering effective and safe treatment. For instance, as this product is meant to treat tongue-snorers, it is not recommended for those suffering similar symptoms caused by collapsed nasal airways. These distinctions may seem minute but can mean the difference between an improved situation and a dangerously compounded one.

Snorers with braces, that wear an overnight retainer, or dentures are OK to use Snore Solution. In some cases, it functions dutifully as a travel companion for those with more elaborate at-home anti-snoring routines. In these instances, however, a doctor should be consulted. The same can be said for hopeful buyers with loose or sore teeth. Anyone experiencing nasal congestion due to a cold or flu should avoid use until those symptoms have dissipated.

The Snore Solution mouthpiece lasts for about a year before needing to be replaced, a decent lifespan when considering the positive impact it can have on your life and energy levels. It is recommended to rinse your mouthpiece after every use, in water, mild cleanser, or mouthwash. Denture tablets may also be used for added clean.

Does Snore Solution Work?

Good Morning Snore Solution is at least somewhat effective for most snorers with tongue-related symptoms. Its vacuum-like action to stabilize the tongue is a perfect marriage of simplicity and functionality, clearing the airway of most users for healthier sustained sleep cycles. This declaration is supported by customer reviews and clinical trials, another rarity in the industry.

In 2008, a study was published showing clear and meaningful results in favor of Snore Solution’s capability to reduce snoring symptoms and their energy-draining side effects. RDI, or respiratory disturbance index, was reduced anywhere from 50% to 100% for users given the Snore Solution insert. Of those, 70% claimed a reduction in daytime drag.

An added benefit lies in the Snore Solution’s ability to deter teeth grinding, another cringe-worthy sleep symptom that can lead to more serious side effects. By keeping the upper and lower jaw slightly apart from one another, grinding is eliminated from the situation, saving on future dental bills and further contributing to the peace and serenity of your home after dark.

Many users note that the Snore Solution is lighter and less bulky than other mouthpiece anti-snoring solutions. Its main reported drawback, though, is sustained comfort. No matter how effective Snore Solution may be in dissipating snoring symptoms, the tongue's forced-forward position can feel awkward and was difficult to get used to for some users, to the point of returning the product. In blocking the mouth, it completely restricts talking and drinking. It’s also noted to fall out somewhat easily, especially for new users.

If you hope, in treating your snoring, to sleep more often with a fully closed mouth, this is not the product for you. Using it, your lips remain slightly separated, making room for the tongue. With that said, some naturally open-mouthed sleepers report not noticing the mouthpiece at all.

Lauded for its respectable product lifespan, reviewers strike a harmonious tone when strongly recommending that users avoid biting down on the insert’s tongue tip during use. This has been shown to greatly reduce the lifecycle of the product and detract from its overall value. Avoid cleaning with excessively hot water for the same reasons. Without its structure being broken down, Snore Solution has lasted as long as two years for some happy customers.

It, like most oral insert anti-snoring products, is shown to be more effective for some people than it is for others. This fact makes the brand’s generous return policy a game-changing benefit. Be sure to save receipts and packaging— hopefully, you won’t need them!

Snore Solution Pros and Cons


  • Enjoy better quality sleep
  • Soft and flexible
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Unisex design
  • Does not require a prescription
  • No boiling or molding necessary
  • Lasts 1 year before replacement
  • 30-night trial and free return
  • Young adult option
  • Can be worn over all orthodontic work
  • Good for tongue-sourced snoring


  • Not effective for all kinds of snoring
  • Some find it difficult to get accustomed to
  • Inhibits talking and drinking
  • Can cause excessive drooling
  • Can cause tongue or lip soreness
  • Falls out easily at first

Buying and Saving Money 

Snore Solution mouthpieces are sold in an official capacity on their company website, nowhere else. The anti-snoring industry is growing quickly. Be wary of copy-cat products. Discount codes are regularly posted on the Good Morning Snore Solution website and by promo code websites, so be sure to double check your options for saving before completing any online purchase. If you’re not quite sold, yet, you can sign-up for MPowrx Health and Wellness Products & Good Morning Snore Solution newsletters to learn more about the product and its benefits, earning a contest entry to win a free mouthpiece for doing so.

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

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