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Updated Jul 29, 2020

Consumers today have hundreds of online and in-person fashion stores to choose from. From Amazon to Etsy, some fashion retailers offer virtually anything a customer could want. However, none of them operate in quite the same way as Farfetch.

Farfetch is a luxury fashion brand that does things differently. They simplify the process of purchasing luxury items and utilize a unique pricing model that supports consumers. Keep reading this Farfetch review to learn more about how Farfetch works and to gain perspective on the brand overall.

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Farfetch Review

What Sets Farfetch Apart?

Since there are so many fashion retailers for customers to choose from, businesses need to operate differently to stand out from the crowd. Farfetch does that. They’re a luxury fashion retailer that sells products from more than 700 of the most exclusive boutiques across the globe. This enables consumers to shop at boutiques halfway around the world as easily as they would shop at a store down the street.

Farfetch’s product list is staggeringly long. They have a wide variety of luxury offerings for men, women and children. Shoppers can choose from clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, and more. With so many options to consider, you could spend hours browsing the fashion on Farfetch. The company stands out from the competition due to its wide selection of items from well-known luxury brands. Very few retailers can match this.

However, Farfetch doesn't stop there. They’ve also made innovations in the way they’ve set up their pricing. When customers visit Farfetch, they won’t see a single, catch-all price for each item they look at. Instead, their charges will vary based on the customer's location and the location of the item. For instance, imagine there’s a shirt you like that’s located in a store in Portugal. If you live in the United States, you would be charged differently for that shirt than someone purchasing the same shirt in Australia.

There are some pros and cons to using this pricing method. You can use the system to your advantage, and prioritize items that you can purchase for cheaper than other buyers. Or, you could end up paying more for an item that others can buy for less. Ultimately, this kind of deal hunting is a key part of the thrill of shopping on Farfetch.

Additionally, Farfetch sells pre-owned clothes. This makes it possible to enjoy the finest products from luxury fashion brands without having to pay full price for them. It’s another example of how the company is working hard to stand out in the fashion industry.

Farfetch Company Info

Farfetch was created in 2007 by Portuguese entrepreneur Jose Neves. His vision was to create a luxury fashion platform that makes shopping at boutiques easier and more accessible. Since then, his company has grown into a major player in the fashion industry. Farfetch is headquartered in London but has branches in major cities across the globe like Tokyo, LA, Shanghai, and Dubai.

There are several different ways you can receive orders you place on Farfetch. First, you can have them shipped directly to your home. Customers in the United States who spend at least $250 on an order will receive a single shipping price, even if they order from multiple vendors.

Second, consumers can also utilize Farfetch’s “Click and Collect” option. Simply enter your city or a local Farfetch partner into the specified field while checking out. From there, you can select a pickup location for your order that’s in your city. This kind of convenience is rarely available from online retailers. It could be a good option for you if the item you’re purchasing is already at a store in your area.

Additionally, Farfetch is currently offering an intriguing payment plan option called Afterpay to customers who reside in Australia. It allows Australian residents to make purchases on Farfetch without paying for the entirety of their order right away. Instead, you can shop today and pay in four equal payments that take place every 2 weeks. Even better, you’ll pay no interest with this payment option.

If you’re unhappy with your Farfetch order, the company has a solid refund policy. Just put your item in its original packaging and leave it open until the assigned driver has confirmed its contents. As long as you ship your purchase back to Farfetch within 14 days of receiving it, you’ll get your money refunded back to your original payment method. They even have a free pick-up service to make this process even easier for customers.

Farfetch FAQs

Is Farfetch legit?

Yes, Farfetch is definitely legit. With over 500,000 customer reviews left at the Farfetch website and a rating of 4.7/5, it's clear that customers are shopping at Farfetch and liking what they are getting! 

How much does Farfetch shipping cost?

Your shipping charges from Farfetch will vary based on the size, weight, and destination of your order. However, US customers can qualify for one shipping fee by spending over $250 in a single order.

Does Farfetch offer refunds?

Yes, Farfetch will provide you with a refund as long as you return your items to them within 14 days of original delivery.

Does Farfetch offer payment plans?

Currently, the company is only offering Afterpay financing to customers who reside in Australia.

Can items on Farfetch be reserved?

No, Farfetch wants to ensure every customer has a fair opportunity to purchase in-demand styles and limited items so no items may be reserved.

What makes Farfetch’s pricing special?

The prices you see on Farfetch are determined by the company’s luxury brand partners. They also vary based on where the item is located and your location when purchasing.

Farfetch Pros and Cons


  • An incredible selection of luxury items
  • A generous refund policy
  • Unique pricing policies
  • Pre-owned luxury options
  • Retail locations across the globe


  • Limited availability of Afterpay
  • No way to receive free shipping

Overall Farfetch Review - 4.7/5

Farfetch is bringing something unique to the luxury fashion industry. They’re providing consumers across the globe with direct access to more than 700 iconic boutiques. If you’re in the market for luxury clothing, bags, jewelry, and more, then Farfetch could be the perfect place to purchase it from. You can even return the items you don’t like and receive a full refund. That means there’s little risk involved in purchasing from this vendor.

That being said, the company could improve its score by making payment plans like Afterpay available to customers throughout the world. Similarly, many online retailers offer free shipping but Farfetch does not. Still, there’s little downside to giving Farfetch a try.

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