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Tiffany Douglas

Updated Sep 19, 2019

Did you know that your cat is biologically horrible at letting you know when it's feeling sick? It's a leftover habit from when our feline friends used to be wild. They would have to hide their sickness unless they get eaten by a healthier and stronger (and hungry) predator. Today, household cats have little need for such survival tactics but you try telling a cat to change its behavior! 

Thankfully, owners need not try to change their cat's habits to keep them healthy. A health-monitoring cat litter called PrettyLitter has been designed to help detect changes in cat health. Cat owners can subscribe to PrettyLitter and ensure that there's always cat litter on-hand.

In this review, we'll cover what PrettyLitter is and how it works, how much PrettyLitter costs, where savings can be found and finally, provide a final overall score.

What Sets PrettyLitter Apart

As mentioned above, the main feature that sets PrettyLitter apart from competitors is the fact that the cat litter alerts owners when something is wrong with a cat's health. This is done through a color-coded alert system, a result of chemical reactions between your cat's urine and the PrettyLitter formula. But we'll get into that in the "How PrettyLitter Works" section below.

Here are some of the illnesses that PrettyLitter health-monitoring cat litter can detect:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Kidney tubular acidosis
  • Bladder inflammation
  • Bladder stones

PrettyLitter offers its product as part of a subscription service and touts the ease, convenience and frugality of signing up. Trips to the store specifically for cat litter are eliminated by subscribing to PrettyLitter, since you’ll have new bags shipped every month directly to your door. In addition to having a competitively priced product, PrettyLitter can also save you money by helping you avoid potentially costly emergency vet visits.

PrettyLitter Cost

For a single cat household, PrettyLitter health-monitoring kitty litter will cost $22 per month for one 4lb bag which lasts the entire month. Each additional cat adds an extra bag and increases the cost by an additional portion of the original $22. For example, a 2 cat subscription costs $42 and a 3+ cat subscription of 4 bags cost only $69 - essentially a fourth bag free. If you need more than 4 PrettyLitter bags per month, here are the prices you can expect:

  • 5 bags of PrettyLitter $85
  • 6 bags of PrettyLitter $102
  • 7 bags of PrettyLitter $115
  • 8 bags of PrettyLitter $120
  • 10 bags of PrettyLitter $150
  • 12 bags of PrettyLitter $170
  • 14 bags of PrettyLitter $194
  • 16 bags of PrettyLitter $204
  • 24 bags of PrettyLitter $289

PrettyLitter regularly offers coupons that can be redeemed for savings on orders. At the time of this writing, a PrettyLitter coupon for 20% off sitewide is featured.

PrettyLitter vs. Competitors

As a bonus, the PrettyLitter formula is lighter than competitors. This means that less formula is needed to do the same job as other brands. One bag of PrettyLitter will maintain a healthy litter for one month as the formula "absorbs and then eliminates moisture".

A comparable 1-month supply of traditional, non-color changing cat litter from a competitor can weigh up to 22lbs (versus 4lbs for PrettyLitter) and costs between $18-$26 on average (versus $22 for PrettyLitter). Deals to help customers save on additional bags of cat litter are not common. The heaviest cat litter, clay cat litter, weighs a whopping 44lbs for a single month supply and costs $10-$30 for a 1-month supply.

Next, let’s check out how to sign up for PrettyLitter and what a subscription entails before looking more closely at the product itself.

How PrettyLitter Works - Subscription

Whether you have 1 cat or up to 4, you can safely rely on PrettyLitter to provide the supplies you need as you need them. Here's how the process goes for subscribing to PrettyLitter cat litter:

  1. Visit PrettyLitter.
  2. Select your number of cats and then click "I'm Ready to Check Out".
  3. Fill out customer information.
  4. Fill out cat information
    1. Cat name
    2. Cat breed
    3. Cat birthday
  5. Add additional cats as necessary.
  6. Fill out the billing information.
  7. Place your order.

It's that easy! Once you've placed your order, your subscription begins. PrettyLitter will begin sending the predetermined amount of kitty litter to your home every 4 weeks. You can cancel at any time. 

Next, let's get into how PrettyLitter health-monitoring cat litter works and how it assists in maintaining cat health.

How PrettyLitter Works - Product

PrettyLitter uses color to bridge the communication gap between human and animal. The PrettyLitter formula will react with cat urine to change color, indicating that a cat needs attention. Here are the colors used in the odorless PrettyLitter formula and what each might indicate:

  • Blue/Green - Alkaline - This includes certain urinary tract infections.
  • Orange/Yellow - Acidity - This includes metabolic acidosis and kidney tubular acidosis.
  • Red - Blood - This includes bladder stones, urinary tract infections and bladder inflammation.

Is PrettyLitter Safe?

Health-concerned cat owners who turn to PrettyLitter for the added peace of mind when caring for a beloved cat will undoubtedly be concerned with the quality and safety of PrettyLitter for said cat. Rest assured, PrettyLitter is made 100% clean and effective with zero additives. 

So, the answer is yes! PrettyLitter is safe for cats to use and even ingest, as tends to happen. Traditional cat litters may include clay which can expand in a cats digestive tract and cause health issues. This clay is absent in PrettyLitter kitty litter.

PrettyLitter Pros and Cons


  • Extremely convenient and affordable service
  • Actively helps maintain a healthy cat
  • Odorless and made to be clean and effective
  • Lighter weight than competing brands
  • Free shipping


  • Shipping is not free for international orders or orders to Hawaii and Alaska

Overall PrettyLitter Review - 5/5

What's not to like about PrettyLitter health-monitoring cat litter? It saves cat owners money, it's lighter and less smelly than competitors and to top it all off, it helps make sure cats stay healthy. For cat lovers, there's really no alternative to PrettyLitter.

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