• Price Range: $536 - $2,696
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King
  • Options: Original, Nova Hybrid, Wave Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium to Medium-Firm
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Free Returns: Yes
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10-Year
  • Certification: CertiPUR-US
  • Bases: Adjustable, Adjustable Pro, Platform, Upholstered, Foundation
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Casper is one of the most well-known US mattress companies on the market today. Casper offers three varieties of mattress: the Original, the Nova Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid. In 2014, Casper became the first mattress company selling in a direct-to-consumer model, which propelled Casper to the forefront of the industry. Casper is valued at over a billion dollars, but their customers know Casper for the highest quality mattress materials, better sleep, and excellent customer service.

Casper uses a mixed-foam mattress to create a more comfortable sleeping experience. With a foam or hybrid base, the mattress provides a durable foundation with optional springs for lift and airflow. Each mattress also has a cooling topper of breathable foam, which reduces heat during a full night of sleep.

Because Casper knows your body needs time to adjust to a new bed, they offer a 100-night trial on mattresses, pillows, and beddings. For all other Casper products, they offer a 30-night trial. If you decide the mattress is not for you, Casper will work with you to arrange a pickup with a local charity or recycling partner, and then Casper will give you a full refund. All mattress purchases have free shipping and returns. Additionally, Casper offers customers a 10-year warranty on their mattress purchase. These options show how much Casper believes in their product and are willing to provide you the safest way of trying it. Keep reading this review of Casper to learn more about their mattresses.

Casper Review

Who is a Casper Mattress For?

We recommend Casper for most sleepers. Stomach sleepers and those above 230 lbs might find the Original Casper mattress to be too soft for their needs, in which case one of the hybrid mattresses will better suit their needs. Those under 130 lbs might find the Casper hybrid mattresses too firm, but they often like the Original.

  • Side Sleepers: Wave Hybrid - The Wave Hybrid mattress provides a medium-firm, body-conforming experience best for those who primarily sleep on either side. 
  • Back Sleepers: Nova Hybrid - The Nova Hybrid provides support excellent for back sleepers. If you're specifically looking for extra support to alleviate pain, the Wave Hybrid might be a better choice for you.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Wave Hybrid - Stomach sleepers need firmer support than other sleepers. Either hybrid mattress will likely work well, but the Wave Hybrid might be preferred by the pickiest sleepers.
  • Combo Sleepers: The Original - The Original Casper mattress is a good choice for most combo sleepers, as it provides strong support for multiple positions.
  • Heavy Individuals: Wave Hybrid - For individuals over 230 lbs, they'll likely want the Casper mattress with the most support available, so the Wave Hybrid is the best starting point for them.
  • Light Individuals: The Original - For individuals under 130 lbs, the hybrid mattress might be too hard, but the Original Casper mattress should still feel good.

Casper Mattress Construction

Casper offers three mattresses: the Original, the Nova Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid. All three use similar construction, but each has its own unique specifications. Here is how they are all constructed, from top to bottom:

The Original Casper Mattress

1. Cooling Layer

The top layer is an Airscape™ perforated breathable foam layer, which increases airflow and circulation. This cooling layer means you won't overheat during the night. Also, these premium foams conform to your body for pressure relief.

2. Zoned Support

The Zoned Support™ layer is memory foam with three ergonomic zones designed to align your spine for increased relief. It is softer under your shoulders for upper body relief and firmer around your hips, waist, and lower back for proper lumbar support.

3. Base Layer

The Casper mattress base layer is a durable foam designed to prevent sinking and sagging while supporting your whole body. An optional hybrid variant includes springs for lift and support, as well as some edge support.

The Nova Hybrid

  1. Cooling Layer
  2. Zoned Support
  3. Zoned Support Pro - The Casper Zoned Support™ Pro layer has seven support zones reinforcing the above supportive layer. This premium foam relieves pressure under the shoulders, while providing additional support under the waist, lower back, and hips for spinal alignment.
  4. Base Layer w/ Springs -The Nova Hybrid has a base layer of durable foam with resilient springs for lift, support, and airflow for the rest of the mattress.

The Wave Hybrid

  1. Cooling Layer
  2. Second Cooling Layer - The second layer of Airscape foam helps with temperature stability during the whole night. This layer has tiny holes for reduction of hot air and body heat.
  3. Zoned Support
  4. Second Support Layer - This layer provides additional Zoned Support Max areas for full-body relief of aches and pains. These continuous support zones reinforce the above layer. Also, gel pods under the waist and lower back add support to keep your spine perfectly aligned no matter what position you are in.
  5. Base Layer w/ Springs


Casper as a company has committed to safe production of their products. Each Casper mattress meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Casper suggests you leave any new mattress in a well-ventilated room to help dissipate any non-harmful new mattress smells over a few hours. They say that their water-based adhesive was designed intentionally to eliminate unnecessary chemicals in your new mattress.

Casper Mattress Comfort Levels

Casper Mattresses are designed for a medium level of firmness, which corresponds to between 4.5 and 7 on the firmness scale used by the industry. On this scale, 1 is the softest possible mattress and 10 is the firmest possible. Casper mattresses tend to be medium or medium-firm.

The Original

The Original Casper Mattress is about a 5 on the firmness scale. With its soft foam and three zones of targeted support, this mattress offers better sleep for most people. Most sleeper types, especially combo sleepers, can take advantage of the medium rating on this mattress.

The Nova Hybrid

The Nova Hybrid Mattress from Casper is a 6 on the firmness scale. It’s medium-firm feel offers a little more support, as well as additional comfort from the extra layers of support. This mattress will help relieve pressure, maintain spinal alignment, and support your waist, lower back, and hips. This is a good choice for back sleepers.

The Wave Hybrid

The Wave Hybrid offers the most support, landing at a 6.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale. This also has a medium-firm feel, and it is designed for people with aches and pains to help relieve their pain. Back sleepers looking for extra pain relief, as well as stomach sleepers and side sleepers, will likely find the most support from this mattress.

Casper Mattress Bases

In addition to offering several mattresses, Casper also sells a variety of frames to go with their bed. They offer five choices of bases for their mattresses. These Casper mattress foundations are not required for a Casper mattress purchase, but they will improve the overall stability and life-expectancy of any Casper mattress, in addition to improving the airflow.

The Adjustable

The adjustable bed frame is a remote-controlled frame designed to help you customize your position for all-night sleep. The full-body adjustability is wirelessly controlled, allowing you to raise your head, feet, or both. The Adjustable Casper base includes the "zero-gravity" preset position developed by NASA to relieve pressure on the body as well as the "anti-snore" preset that raises your head to reduce snoring. It can save your favorite positions for repeated use, and it includes USB ports for phone charging. The adjustable also comes with a Split King option for two individual controls.

The Adjustable Pro

The even more advanced version of the adjustable foundation, the adjustable pro, includes all of the functionality of the adjustable and more. This frame brings with it wall-aligning technology, a headrest tilt function, and even head and foot massage functions, each with 3 levels of intensity and 3 different modes. Also, the adjustable pro has under-bed lights for that quick midnight snack or bathroom run.

The Platform Bed Frame

This Casper platform bed frame uses powder-coated, aircraft-grade aluminum - the same material planes and rocket ships are made from - to create a sleek and strong frame that doesn't need a foundation or box spring. It is easy and intuitive to assemble, and you can add on an optional headboard for a completed look and feel. It is available in Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes.

Upholstered Bed Frame

The Casper upholstered bed frame starts with a wood and steel support and is wrapped in foam and custom-made fabric. No box spring or foundation is necessary with this frame, as it's built to function perfectly on its own. An extra two-inch perimeter gives you a small footrest, and the overall look and feel is cozy and warm. Even better, the frames slide together and the fabric pulls right over, with the whole setup completed using one-tool assembly. This frame starts at $446 and is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes.

The Foundation

This Casper mattress foundation is made with solid wood for high durability, with slats positioned four inches apart for optimal support and minimal sagging. No tools are needed for its quick assembly. An optional metal bed frame can be purchased with the foundation for a completed sleep setup. The foundation is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

Casper Mattress Pricing

Twin $536 $986 $1,346
Twin XL $626 $1,121 $1,526
Full $896 $1,616 $2,156
Queen $986 $1,796 $2,336
King $1,166 $2,066 $2,696
Cali King $1,166 $2,066 $2,696

How Does Casper Compare?

Casper Saatva Nectar
Warranty 10-Year 15-Year Lifetime
Trial 100 Nights 120 Nights 365 Nights
Free Shipping Yes Yes Yes
Free Returns Yes Yes Yes
Price (Queen) $986 $1,199 $799

Casper Company Info

Casper is a US-based company headquartered in New York City. Casper is well-known for their sleep products, particularly their memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Their mattresses are manufactured in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Vietnam. Founded in 2014, Casper has become one of the leading names in online mattress shopping and is an industry leader in standards and pricing.

Casper offers customers three mattresses, an all-foam mattress and two hybrid mattresses. They offer a 100-night trial to ensure you get the chance to adjust to your mattress, and they offer a 10-year warranty on all mattresses. Casper also sells mattress foundations and other bedding essentials.

Casper Pros and Cons


  • Multilayered and zoned foam for maximum support
  • Materials are eco-friendly and CertiPUR-US certified
  • 100-night trial
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Stays cool the entire night
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Premium mattress at an affordable price point


  • Minimal edge support
  • Not top choice for lightweight sleepers
  • Not enough bounce for some sleepers

Overall Casper Mattress Review - 4.6/5.0

Casper mattresses will be a great choice for almost every sleeper. Their premium mattresses are affordable and their eco-friendly materials ensure you don't need to worry about their production. These CertiPUR-US certified materials mean than you can rest easy knowing there are no harmful chemicals or released gasses in their products, which is important to many customers.

Since Casper offers a 100-night trial, as well as a 10-year warranty, you can feel safe and secure giving their mattresses a try to see for yourself if it is the right fit. If not, you can send the mattress back to be donated or recycled, and all shipping and returns with Casper are free. This trial is slightly lower than competitors, however.

While the Original Casper mattress is a great fit for most sleepers, particularly combo sleepers, side sleepers and those looking for increased support will likely see a benefit from one of the hybrid mattresses from Casper. In particular, those looking for extra support to alleviate pain will likely prefer the Wave Hybrid mattress.

For a complete Casper setup, add on one of their foundations for an improved experience. Their Foundations can be paired with any mattress for increased support.

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